Aims of promotion :

Solution :

Image exposure: To expose the website and attract the user to log in which directly increased the cognitive of the brand.


Education Promotion :

Humanistic Care:Introduced basic necessities of life in UK for the users, aroused the user’s interest to participate the activity and shown the bright side of study in UK.

Prize and Scholarship:

Education Fair: Gathered many UK colleges and offered them a platform for student recruitment. 

Activities: Provide rich and interesting activities to attracted user’s interests on study in UK. 

IELTS: Introduced IELTS for the user. 

Summer/Winter Camp: Different colleges tours were available for the users to choose from according to their interest. 

Propaganda Impacts:

The official website of British Council is rich in content, timely and authoritative, they reached great propaganda effects by cooperated with for eight years:

Promotion Objective::

  • Promoting Singapore education to Chinese students, aims to make Singapore the famous educational city, enhance the educational brand image of Singapore.
  • Communicate exact official recruiting information;
  • Help international students in Singapore to know diversified information;
  • Enhance international image of Singapore: steady society, safety, multi-culture, beautiful environment.

Advertising issues:

  • Make students who are interesting in studying at Singapore know more about Singapore education;
  • Make the users in tigtag have a good impression on Singapore;
  • Attracting users to join our online functions, which guarantee extent of the promotion;
  • Promote by stages which guarantee depth of the promotion.

Solution Method: Prize Quiz: 2005 “how much you know about Singapore”

The Solution:
knowledge and introduction about Singapore education. “Prize Draw”: draw the lucky persons from the users who got the full mark in the Quiz, and send them the prize. 

Case Analyze: 
Prize Quiz function, the prize is digital products, which guarantee the rate of participation. A lot of beautiful pictures are used in the Singapore special articles, exert a subtle influence on our users, and make them have a good impression on the Singapore and Singapore education. 




Promotion Effect: :

Under the three-year cooperation between and Singapore Tourism Board Education Bureau, Singapore education has made good impression in people’s mind. Users participated in the online function actively; they know more about Singapore and Singapore education, and had the chances to chat with a lot of specialist online regarding Singapore and Singapore education. This make our users fall for Singapore, such a gardenesque country, have the willing to go to this famous and beautiful country. 

The direct effect of this promotion is a lot of students inquire Singapore colleges, make Singapore their prior studying abroad destination. Besides, Singapore’s beautiful image will stay in our users’ mind forever, and this effect cannot be count. 

This promotion have a suitable rhythm, base on the issues of the extent of users, depth of time and entertaining, success on increasing the perceive rate of the target user regarding Singapore and Singapore education. Make them fall for Singapore and make Singapore education their prior choice. By the Multi-methods, we achieved the expected purpose.