Why so many foreign governmental and official organizations, Colleges , agents and training institutions choose Tigtag as the primary internet media for information publishing? As we have advantage in the following aspects:


For many years, Tigtag gained high reputation by the insistence of neutral and equity. Tigtag is the No.1 brand ingrained in many Chinese students’ minds.

Valuable Users 
Compare with other general website, Tigtag has aggregated the largest user pool consist of well educated and qualified Chinese students who are pursuing their training opportunity in those foreign countries, which ensures the precise delivery of advertising and acceptance by target groups. 

Tigtag has about 300,000 registered users which is the largest ‘going abroad’ user group currently in China, of which many are long-term actively, dwelled in Tigtag Community, with a simultaneous reaching of 6,000 users online. 

Stable and Reliable Platform
We have advanced Advertisement Traffic Monitoring System to ensure the precise advertisement targeting and management, as well as guarantee the quality and effect of ads. 

Content Advantage
The text content in Tigtag.com has widely covered every side of going abroad, overseas study and immigration. Particularly, we have abundant and updating original creations which often being reshipped by many internet media and tradition media. 

As a professional ‘going abroad’ internet media with huge and messiness user base, Tigtag provides you a communicative platform and comprehensive internet promotion solution and advertising service, to boost your student recruitment program in China.
From a long-term perspective, the genuine success roots in a continually and effectively branding. Tigtag would like to offer support for your long-term and board marketing plan, as well as keeping a well working relationship. Tigtag will provide you a series of effective internet marketing solutions which helps you reach your goals. 

Since established in 1998, Tigtag has been following our business Philosophy: Diversity, Friendly, Mutually, Cooperate, devote into to build the most comprehensive internet platform which provides the updated and valuable information concerning studying and working abroad for Chinese students. As a neutral platform, we provide accredited advertising services, such as program promotion, Ad design, interactive promotion, expert column, advertorials for the recruiting programs of overseas universities, colleges and other organizations as well as related services of “Going-abroad” organizations and agencies home and abroad. Tigtag has worked with many well-known colleges and official organization in a board field, offering online advertising and new release service to assist their educational development in China market. 

In order to produce more effective advertising and higher customer satisfaction, Tigtag.com has developed a series of mature internet marketing solutions: - Target advertising, early stage user research, diversified marketing strategy, propaganda method, integrating banners and articles, and internet advertising outcome follow-up monitoring. Our advertising service team has the most talented and passionate people in strategy developing, planning, implementing etc. Within our dynamic cooperation, we are competent in undertaking an integrated internet advertising project for our client independently.

Before sales and within ad operation :
Our Marketing people would like to know your needs at any time to ensure a quick response, match your needs to Tigtag’s resources efficiently. They will offer the best solution and make the order and prepare the contract accordingly. 

After sales:
Our design team will make the web ads by your art work requirements and the operational staff will arrange the ad release, solution implement, inspecting the ad performance and offer the ad click report. 
Please contact us any time if you have any enquiry on Tigtag advertising, our marketing staff will be happy to offer you quality service timely.